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There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding contested divorce. Many people imagine tense courtroom arguments between combative attorneys, but that is not the reality of most contested divorces.

If your divorce is contested, it simply means that you and your spouse do not agree on absolutely every aspect of your divorce. Even a minor disagreement that may be easily resolved makes a divorce contested.

At Daniella Levi & Associates, P.C., in Queens, New York, we know that litigation is expensive and emotionally draining, which is why we focus on settling your divorce through negotiations. We strive to make sure your voice is heard.

Clearing Up Misconceptions

Contested divorce is often shrouded in misconceptions, and we would like to alleviate some of your concerns by dispelling any myths you may have heard. Common misconceptions are:

  • Courts favor mothers for custody. The belief that the official position of the court is to award child custody to the mother is extremely common. However, it is not true. Today, courts view parents as parents without the distinction between mother and father. They recognize that the child deserves a relationship with both parents and consider that when awarding custody.
  • Fault matters. Adultery, abandonment and other forms of "fault" used to be important in divorce. Today, however, no-fault divorce is the norm, meaning couples do not need to give the court a reason for their divorce.
  • Litigation is the only approach. No matter what you may have seen on television or read in the tabloids, litigation is not the only way to resolve a contested divorce. In fact, we focus on reaching a settlement through negotiations because it allows you to have the final say in your divorce — not a judge who doesn't know you.

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