How We Approach Divorce

All divorces are not created equal. Someone who is getting divorced after a long-term marriage, has three children, a home and a robust investment portfolio requires a very different approach from someone who has only been married a few years and has no children and no real property. At Daniella Levi & Associates, P.C., in Queens, we will handle your case according to your needs.

Simple Solutions For Simple Divorces

Some divorces are very straightforward. If you don't have much property to divide and don't have children, resolving your divorce may be as easy as working out the final terms of the agreement and signing the final paperwork.

If this is the case for you, we will help you reach a resolution quickly and cost-effectively. We will make every attempt to resolve your divorce without ever going to court, and achieve a favorable result for you. Our priority is to help you move forward with your life - not waste your time and money.

Aggressive Representation For Complex Divorces

A complex divorce requires the complete attention and commitment of your attorney. That is what you will get at our firm. Whether you require our expertise to divide complex assets, craft a complicated custody solution, or obtain an adequate spousal support award, we can help you. We know what it takes to resolve challenging divorces, and we will aggressively negotiate for you until we reach a favorable settlement, or represent you at trial to fight for a victorious result.

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