Co-Parenting Your Children During COVID-19

No one was prepared for the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic is creating and, if you are a divorced parent, you might find yourself encountering even more obstacles. The most important thing to understand is that you must continue to comply with your child custody order. However, if you or your former spouse’s schedules drastically changed due to the pandemic, you may need to request a modification to your current custody order or exercise a little flexibility for the benefit of your children.

Everyone is experiencing stress at this time, so the better you work together as a co-parenting team, the easier this will be. Continue reading for some tips that can help get you navigate the COVID-19 pandemic as co-parents.

Raising Your Children During a Pandemic

Although this is an uncertain time, it is crucial for you and your co-parent to exercise your problem-solving skills and calmly discuss your issues and concerns.

Consider asking yourselves some of the following questions as you navigate the pandemic:

  • Will continuing to follow the current parenting plan serve the best interests of the children?
  • Can one parent better support homeschooling for the children?
  • Is one parent an essential worker who has contact with the public, putting other household members at risk?
  • Are any other household members regularly in contact with the public?
  • Does one parent’s home have greater access to safe outdoor spaces for the children to play and exercise?
  • Are any other household members in a high-risk group?

Additionally, you and your co-parent should keep all forms of communication open. Although we must all physically distance from one another to stay safe, it is important to remain socially connected, so consider scheduling virtual visits for your child with their other parent and other friends and family. When the pandemic comes to an end, the custodial parent might also want to set aside some extra time for the non-custodial parent and their children to reconnect and become comfortable together.

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