How Do Divorced Parents Do Halloween?

When considering child custody, most parents don’t include Halloween. After all, Halloween is not an official holiday, and government offices and businesses don’t change their hours. Nevertheless, All Hollows’ Eve is an important night for young children, and parents don’t like to miss out on the festivities.

So, how do you navigate Halloween as a newly divorced parent? Levi Divorce & Family Law Attorneys has some tips for you below:

Talk About It

As Halloween approaches, talk to your ex and your kids. Find out what events are happening and ask each member of your family how you would like the events to be handled. Usually, your children will want both parents to join in trick-or-treating and holiday parties – especially if it’s the first year after your divorce.

If you and your ex can make this happen, try to share the festivities. Avoid arguments and keep your children’s best interests at heart, and the night shouldn’t be too terrible. Who knows? It might even be fun!

The More the Merrier

If you need moral support while trick or treating with your ex, invite a (platonic) friend along. Encourage your ex to bring a friend, as well, or invite other families, so your children have playmates, too. Making Halloween events group affairs can help offset the awkwardness and keep everyone on their best behavior.

‘Tis the (Spooky) Season

Sometimes, trick-or-treating together is not an option, and that’s okay. Remember that spooky season comes with many more fun activities and events. If your ex gets to take your kids trick-or-treating, ask if you can handle their costumes. You can also take your children to a pumpkin patch or (age-appropriate) haunted house, carve pumpkins together, make caramel apples, host a Halloween party, decorate your house, and so much more.

Kids love Halloween, so all these events and activities should be special for them. Just make sure to check in with your children and make sure they’re not feeling overwhelmed.

Two Halloweens

If you really don’t want to miss out on trick-or-treating, but your ex has the kids the night of Halloween, make the night before or after Halloween #2. You can ask your neighbors to help you host a small round of trick-or-treating, dress up and take your children to a Halloween event at the mall or town center, or even have a spooky movie night with a sweet treat.

Still, you might have some fear of missing out on the actual night, so plan something special for yourself, too. Invite a friend over for a scary movie, pass out candy with a loved one and admire all the cute costumes, or get out of the house and go to a Halloween party.

Share the Love

Whether you and your ex are together or apart on Halloween, share pictures of special moments with your children. Send the photos to family members on both sides and celebrate all the fun your children get to have.

Bonus Tip: Anticipate Disputes

You likely have an idea of what Halloween with your family will look like, and so does your ex. Err on the side of caution and over-communicate about everything. Forward that email, send a picture of that flyer your children bring home from school, and run the costumes your children choose by your ex before you purchase them.

Make decisions about time and money in advance, so you’re not fighting over who pays for a last-minute Halloween costume, sending your children empty-handed to a classroom event, or spending all night shuttling your kids back and forth.

Anticipate conflict and solve disputes before they even come up.

Your kids will thank you!

Need Help with Custody and Visitation?

Your custody and visitation plans are designed to work for you and your family, so if you want to plan for Halloween the same way you would plan for Thanksgiving or Christmas, you can.

Some parents take turns with holidays (you will have your children every other Halloween) and others find different solutions.

At Levi Divorce & Family Law Attorneys, our team can help you design a custody and visitation plan that works for you and your family.

With personal attention, experience, and solution-oriented representation, we can help you navigate your future Halloweens – and all other holidays.

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