Is It Common for Divorced Couples to Get Back Together?

According to rekindled romances researcher Dr. Nancy Kalish, 6% of couples who marry and get divorced get back together. At the end of the day, a divorce is a breakup, and couples who break up during a divorce can – and sometimes do – get back together.

When you remarry your ex-spouse, your chances of success are higher than they would be if you remarried someone else. Approximately 67% of second marriages and 73% of third marriages end in divorce, but 72% of reunited partners stay together (meaning only 28% of these remarriages end in divorce).

Why Would Someone Remarry Their Ex?

Couples get back together for all sorts of different reasons, and the same is true for couples who were married and divorced. Some exes love coparenting so much, they realize that their former partner is the only person they could imagine raising children with. Other exes have time to heal from wounds caused by infidelity and other fallouts and decide to give the marriage another shot when the hurt is less fresh. Sometimes, one spouse needs to live a whole other life to realize what they have always wanted was in front of them all along.

People also change with time, so many couples use divorce and its aftermath as a time for growth and reflection and find their way back to each other afterward. Often, couples blame their problems and unhappiness on one another, so the independence that divorce brings can often bring clarity, as well. After a divorce, the stakes are also lower, so couples may finally be able to discuss former marital problems and realized that the issues that seemed insurmountable were solvable all along.

If each partner has time to reflect on what they want and decides they want to reconcile with their spouse, there is no reason the couple should not consider remarriage.

Fixing Previous Problems

Still, remarriage is not for the faint of heart, as the couple will have to commit to resolving past problems, breaking harmful patterns, and addressing the hurt of the divorce. Both partners must be willing to reconcile and open to learning new skills for a better relationship.

Often, couples who choose to remarry seek couple’s therapy, pre-marital counseling, and other mental health services throughout their new relationship. Getting back together is hard work, but it can all be worth it for another shot at success when a couple has promised their lives to one another.

Legal Considerations

Fortunately, there are no laws that prevent divorced spouses from getting back together. Nevertheless, both spouses have witnessed how difficult divorce can be, so the couple may be more likely to sign a prenuptial agreement.

Signing a prenup may be even more important if the previous marriage suffered due to financial disagreements, or if the division of assets was difficult during the previous divorce.

Remarrying couples can think of a prenup as one more way to make sure they are on the same page and strengthen their new marriage.

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