Wedding rings resting on a prenuptial agreement.

How a Premarital or Postmarital Agreement Benefits a Divorce

In The Event of a Divorce

No one goes into a marriage expecting it to end at some point. However, should the relationship crumble, having a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement in place prior to the divorce can actually benefit the process compared to divorce without such an agreement. Here is what you should know about the benefits that a premarital or postmarital agreement provides a divorce.

Provide Clarity and Certainty

The primary purpose of a premarital or postmarital agreement is to provide a level of certainty regarding important marital issues in the event that the marriage ends in a divorce. Regardless of whether you have a premarital or postmarital agreement, both serve as legal documents that give a clear designation of responsibilities and assets.

Protect Financial Stability

One of the key provisions of premarital and postmarital agreements is their ability to protect one’s financial stability. Not only does having one of these agreements allow each party to designate property as theirs in the event of a divorce, but these agreements can also determine how property acquired during the marriage will be divided during the divorce. This can include money in addition to physical assets.

Simplify a Complex Divorce Process

Divorce can be incredibly complex when factoring in property division, custody determination, and alimony and child support calculation. If left to negotiation or litigation, finalizing the divorce may take a longer amount of time. Having some of these issues worked into a premarital or postmarital agreement can potentially reduce the amount of time spent working through these issues and can, therefore, cut down on the overall length and complexity of the divorce.

Working with a Queens Attorney

When working out a premarital or postmarital agreement with your spouse, it is important to have an attorney prepare the document that will become official when finalized. Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements must be precise and clear when dictating all information, so having an attorney manage that can provide peace of mind. Levi Divorce & Family Law Attorneys has worked with numerous clients on both premarital and postmarital agreements and is available to help you craft yours.

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