A mother and her daughter taking a bite of a delicious holiday cookie. They are wearing paper crowns.

Navigating the Holidays as a New Divorcee

Managing Emotions During a Time Meant for Joy

If you’re coming out of a divorce and just beginning to adjust to your new life, the holiday season may be a particularly difficult time for you to try and work through. The emphasis on giving and on family gatherings can be especially difficult for people who just saw their own family change.

Fortunately, the difficult emotions that come with navigating the holidays as a new divorcee do not have to remain with you throughout the entire season. There are ways you can help yourself cope and enjoy the holiday season.

Focus on Your Family and Friends

You may have surrounded yourself with your friends and family during your divorce and relied on them for support during that difficult period in your life; the holiday season after your divorce may be the perfect time to shower them with gratitude for the help they were to you. Taking this time to find special presents for your loved ones can be a great way to keep your mind off of the divorce you recently went through.

Nothing compares to the joy of seeing a loved one’s face light up when they unwrap a gift specifically picked out by you. That joy can do a lot of good for your emotions.

Enjoy Holiday Traditions

Regardless of the holiday you celebrate, this time of year brings out many traditions for people to engage in and enjoy. While it might not seem like the most fun idea at first, you may benefit from actively participating in some of these holiday activities. You might find that the fun you are having is making it easier to process your divorce.

Take Care of Yourself

It can be very easy to forget to practice proper self-care after a difficult divorce; the emotions you feel can at times become so overwhelming that you forego taking proper care of yourself. Be intentional about self-care this holiday season; be sure to get plenty of sleep, eat healthy foods (while treating yourself, of course), and exercise regularly to give your body the attention and work it deserves.

Keep a Positive Mindset

Above all else, try your best to maintain a positive attitude throughout the season. It can be very easy to let negativity creep in, but allow the positivity of the holidays to spread to you and cheer you up. The positivity you display can be shared with others, too.

Do You Have Questions About Divorce?

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