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How to Safely Share Custody of Your Children

3 Tips for Sharing Custody and Visitation Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

As New Yorkers, we know that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the norms and daily routines we once had about a year ago. To this day, parents are still struggling with sharing custody of their children during this lasting crisis.

If your child custody and visitation situation has changed due to the pandemic, here are some tips to safeguard your child and abide by your custody agreements.

1. Take Proper Precautions

Child custody is a frightening concept for many parents — and in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, parents need to be prepared to protect their child’s safety more now than ever. In addition to following New York State guidelines, CDC recommendations, and general wellness tips, it’s important to know if your child is at high-risk for COVID-19.

If your child has an underlying medical condition such as asthma or diabetes that makes them more susceptible to COVID-19 or other respiratory complications, you should speak to your child’s pediatrician and talk to your ex about how to reduce the risk of exposure to your child in both homes.

2. Follow Your Custody Agreement

It’s important to follow Coronavirus guidelines, but these measures should not impact your custody or visitation on a daily basis. However, these situations may warrant keeping your child at home rather than at their co-parents’ home:

  • If your co-parent is sick with COVID-19 related symptoms.
  • If your co-parent is quarantining or was exposed to someone who tested positive.
  • If your co-parent has a high-risk job with frequent COVID-19 exposure.
  • If your child is at high risk for COVID-19 or is sick themselves.

Requesting an Emergency Custody Order

Denying visitation without extenuating circumstances is not tolerated — even during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you and your ex-spouse agree that a temporary change needs to be made, you can work together to come to a temporary agreement.

However, if you are unable to communicate with your ex cordially or disagree with the care of your children amid the pandemic, you can seek out an emergency order with the court. Working together with a New York-based child custody attorney, you can petition the judge to award an emergency, but temporary, order.

3. Consider Custody Modifications

The pandemic has brought a slew of life changes for New Yorkers — including job loss and relocation for many of us. If the pandemic has affected your co-parent’s ability to care for your child, a custody arrangement modification may be the best course of action.

Child Custody Modifications in New York

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