How to Talk about a Prenup with Your Partner

Unfortunately, divorce is a reality many couples must face. While you don’t want your eventual marriage to end with divorce, having a prenup is a good idea. A prenuptial agreement can benefit a couple’s marriage in a lot of ways, including but not limited to:

  • Pushing you to have uncomfortable conversations (typically surrounding money)
  • Improving your communication skills (as a couple)
  • Ensuring your assets and liabilities are separate
  • Protecting your partner from being entangled in your debts

But broaching the conversation about wanting a prenup can be a tricky conversation. How do you respectfully bring up a prenup with your partner?

How to Ask Your Partner for a Prenuptial Agreement

When asking for a prenup, some people are worried about sounding like a jerk or getting rejected. Here are five tips on how to discuss a prenuptial agreement:

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to have the conversation. The month of your wedding probably isn’t the best time to bring up a prenuptial agreement. While it may be difficult to start the conversation, the earlier you mention your desire for a prenup, the better. This allows for more time to discuss this matter as a couple and seek out the best legal advice and representation.
  • Embrace the weight of the conversation. The conversation will be weighty no matter how you bring it up. If you embrace the weight, you can then focus on why a prenuptial agreement matters to you, which is important to explain to your partner.
  • Consider the timing. In addition to not waiting until the last minute to start the conversation, you should also ensure you are both in the right headspace when broaching this topic. During or after an argument is not the time to mention a prenup. Make sure you are both calm and open before you begin the discussion.
  • Emphasize the benefits. It’s important to remember that a prenup isn’t about a lack of trust but protection and planning. For example, you may get travel protection when you book a flight or plan a vacation. While you nor the airport plan to lose your luggage, you want to plan. A prenuptial agreement works in this same way.
  • Remind your partner that you can co-create the agreement. A prenup should be created with the protection of both parties in mind. You and your partner should be a part of the drafting of your agreement.

For additional advice concerning prenuptial agreements, you should consult with an attorney. An experienced lawyer will know how to best help you draft an agreement and can answer any other questions you might have.

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