When Should You Modify Your Child Custody or Support Order?

As we age and life goes on, court orders that may have been appropriate months or years ago often fall out of relevance, and child custody or support orders are perhaps the best examples. Knowing when to modify your custody order can help you ensure that your child receives the resources they need to thrive throughout their life.

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Your Child Develops a New Medical Condition

The development of a new medical condition is one of the more common reasons to request a support or custody order modification.

Depending on the condition, your child may need additional financial resources to afford treatment or medications. Additionally, spending more time with a parent closer to a treatment center could help them receive the support they need to maintain a good quality of life.

Your Child's Educational Needs Change

As your child ages, they'll probably attend various schools near you or your co-parent's house (typically, the custodial parent's school district defines where the child attends school).

As your child grows up, you and your co-parent should communicate with each other to ensure they're receiving the best education. For example, perhaps you live closer to a good high school, whereas your co-parent lives closer to a good middle school. Your co-parent may be the custodial parent while they attend middle school, while you may take over when high school rolls around, so your child continues to receive a high-quality education.

If your child has dyslexia, dyscalculia, or another similar condition, you may also need to adjust custody to ensure they attend a school that can help them deal with that condition appropriately.

You or Your Co-Parent Experience a Major Change in Circumstances

If you or your co-parent experience a major change in circumstances, such as losing a job, suddenly falling on hard times, developing a medical condition, etc., you may need to adjust your custody or support order to reflect that new development.

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